Higher Education & Internships

Interested in earning a degree? 

The Northwest University Partnership Program (NPP) is a unique partnership between Northwest University (NU), in Kirkland, WA, and Terrebonne Assembly of God that allows Northwest University to offer Associate and Bachelor's degrees with the highest level of accreditation as an integrated part of Terrebonne Assembly of God's internship or leadership development program. 

Through the NPP, students earn college credits toward AA, BA, and Master's degrees that can be completed at Terrebonne Assembly of God's NPP or transferred to other public and private colleges or universities, all while serving in Central Oregon. 


Call the church 541-504-5212 or email Lisa Bren, Terrebonne NPP Coordinator for more info, lisa.bren@northwestu.edu. 

Potential NPP Students

Most NPP students are taking classes full-time and interning or serving in a ministry leadership role at Terrebonne Assembly of God, but not all. Potential students include:

  • Recent high school graduates who want to start their college career while serving in Central Oregon.
  • Students in their "Gap Years" (recent HS grads and young adults) who aren't sure what to do next find purpose, life-training, and impactful relationships as NPP students. 
  • Any student who wants an excellent education based on Christian beliefs and values.
  • Students looking for a lower cost option.
  • Adult learners who want to finish a degree started years (or decades) before. 
  • Adult learners who want to pursue or finish a degree but "going to school" is not an option because of work and/or family commitments. 

Program Highlights:

  • Highest level of accreditation
  • Low cost - $320/credit + $1,300/semester program fee (undergraduate, graduate programs have varying costs/credit and fees)
  • All courses available online in a flexible asynchronous format (no required live meetings)
  • Qualified for Federal Financial Aid (loans and grants)